How To Play Scratch Dice Online?

Steps to play scratch dice

How To Play Scratch Dice Online?

How to Play Scratch Dice Online

Scratch Dice is a simple game offered by BGaming software. There is one bet only that pays based on the roll of three dice. The outcome is revealed like a scratch card. The best possible way to easily describe this game Scratch Dice is that it’s an online casino game with fixed odds. All you need to do is simply scratch a ticket that will reveal three faces of dice, landing a perfect 3 is the task.

You can also get to the bonus round which gives some sort of jackpot by landing a certain sequence of numbers. Also you will be smashing as much as 180x of your wager.  This game requires no strategy and no stringent rules as like most of the other dice games it is the simple game of chance. This game was launched at online casinos in 2017.

How To Play Scratch Dice Online?

Play Scratch Dice Online

Play Scratch Dice Online Even on Mobile or Tablet

To play Scratch Dice online game you need to join any BGaming Software online casino. For Canadians, the best online casino to play Scratch Dice online is Bitstarz Casino.

You can join this casino on your mobile, tablet or PC as Scratch Dice game is built in HTML 5 technology and is at once loaded on your gaming screen. This means you can play this game at once instantly without anything to download.

After all the formalities of joining this casino you decide to play for free or for real money.

If you want to play for real money then make a friendly deposit in CAD or BTC and get going

Visit the games lobby and search Scratch Dice online and click to play.

Bitstarz casino B Gaming

Bitstarz casino powered by B Gaming

The game will load onto your gaming screen in seconds.

But before you go into the nitty-gritty of the game itself, let’s have an understanding of the interface. Designers of the game have done a pretty good job. There are big images on the screen being the lottery ticket look-alike. That is where the three dice will be unveiled from.

To the left is the button that allows you to skip a particular ticket if you don’t want to play on the particular ticket.

The button to the right helps you buy a ticket. Also, alternatively, in a dual purpose, the right button also reveals the bought ticket. The sound is perfect and serene for the kind of game.

To start the game, you must buy a Scratch Card. Each scratch card bought effectively means your wager for each round of the game. The good thing is that the wager is statutory, it is fixed at 1 coin.

Meaning your Max or Min bet will always be 1 and you can win as much as 180x with it. This is what Wazobet offers, most platforms offer this too. Some varies but this is the best offer you can ever get.

Each ticket has an area covered that you must scratch to find out what you have won.  The possible outcome depends by a combination of the 3 dice faces shown. As usual, the possible numbers expected on each dice ranges from 1 to 6.

Basic Steps to Play Scratch Dice Online

Steps to play scratch dice

The outcome of the game is a combination of 3 dice faces

Each ticket has a covered area that you need to scratch to find out the outcome. The outcome is a combination of 3 dice faces (each dice face can have from 1 to 6 dots on it).

1) Initially you will be offered a ticket to buy. Press BUY to try your luck on this ticket. Or press SKIP to be offered a new one.

2) Once you buy your ticket, scratch the covered area to reveal the outcome. You can scratch with your mouse cursor, your fingers (if on a touchscreen), or simply press REVEAL.

3) Depending on the outcome you will win a prize according to the paytable below.

4) In case you get a Street (any combination of 1-2-3, 2-3-4, 3-4-5, or 4-5-6), you will be given a special Gold Ticket.

Scratch dice ticket

Scratch dice ticket

So you will be given an initial offer to buy a ticket. From the button to the, if you wish to buy the particular ticket present at a time, press BUY to acquire the ticket. If you wish otherwise, press the SKIP button to the left to be offered another new ticket, skipping cost you no coin until you buy.

Once you decide to buy your ticket, you should scratch the covered area to unveil the outcome. Depending on what devices you are playing from, the covered area can be scratched in many ways which can either be with your mouse cursor, if on mobile, use your fingers to wipe the touchscreen or simply press Reveal which is the same button used to buy the ticket.

The revelation will show the face of 3 dice, you must have a matching number to win a round. See below the value of what you will win if you have any of these 3 matching numbers revealed, remember that your wager is 1, so the payout is determined by a multiplier of each combination:
6-6-6 you win 40x
5-5-5 you win 30x
4-4-4 you win 25x
3-3-3 you win 20x
2-2-2 you win 15x
1-1-1 you win 10x

Scratch dice costs $1 per ticket

Scratch dice costs $1 per ticket

When you play free Scratch Dice you get  an opportunity to play this exciting game to the fullest for fun without spending any penny.

By default you’ll get 1000 coin to start with and when you exhaust it, it will be replenished in full to go for other rounds but you must note that even when you win big playing this free game, you can not withdraw the cash or turn it into a deposit, it is all virtual and for fun.

The Scratch Dice game offers what is called the non deposit bonus which can multiply your win as much as 4x the amount won from an ordinary payout.

This bonus round can be activated when you hit what is called the Gold Ticket. Normally purchasing a Gold Ticket should be more expensive than the 1 coin wager. But you will still get it for the price of an ordinary Ticket.

If the player scratches a ticket bought and didn’t make the perfect 3 numbers to win for that round but is a fortune to make any of the following combinations (1-2-3, 2-3-4, 3-4-5, or 4-5-6) from the 3 dice in any order, then you have won yourself a “Gold Ticket.”

Having won the Gold Ticket, you will need to scratch it like you Scratch the regular ticket. The pay table of the Gold Ticket is massive if you scratch open a perfect 3, see the multiplier below:

6-6-6 you win 180x

5-5-5 you win 150x

4-4-4 you win 120x

3-3-3 you win 90x

2-2-2 you win 60x

1-1-1 you win 30x

Join Bitstarz online casino and keep scratching the dice, and see what you win. This game is addictive and if you don’t have anything else to do it is fun game

Playing for realmoney will lead you ti the massive 180x multiplier for 1 coin wager is what excites to keep playing as they await smashing the jackpot.

  Click here to join Bitstarz online casino now to play Scratch Dice online.