How RNG’s (Random Number Generators) Work

How RNG’s (Random Number Generators) Work


RNG’s ensure that we get a fair shot at getting rich.

Even though we love to play online slots, very few of us know about RNG’s. This is a crucial thing to know since without RNG’s, online casinos would not exist. Every time you play a slot machine RNG’s come to life & give you your results. They are a crucial piece of code that artfully replaces dealers & allow us to enjoy our favorite games. Whether you are a new casual gamer or a seasoned veteran, educating yourself about RNG’s is essential for maximizing your gameplay. Explore your casino’s most well guarded secret with this eye opening article!

RNG’s: The Magic Behind Online Casino Gameplay

To this day slots remain the salvation of casinos, enticing millions of new players with their brilliant simplicity. Throughout the rise of casinos slot machines made the transition from traditional mechanical generators to digital RNG’s. At first slot machines were powered by a series of gears & levers that randomly stopped the spinning wheels, giving players a fair chance of winning.

As slots evolved this system was replaced by Random Number Generators (RNG). This breakthrough development changed the industry forever & paved the way for online casinos. RNG’s are a brilliant piece of software that produces hundreds of combinations of numbers per second. When you spin online or on slot machines this intricate algorithm tells the program when to stop the virtual wheels.


A powerful piece of software generates countless random numbers.

These codes are based off of a seed number that has up to 219,937 digits. From the seed number the algorithm calculates a new random number that becomes the new seed. A new seed number are produced every millisecond. This creates an extremely unpredictable stream of numbers. One gets created, replaced & the cycle continues.

There is absolutely no way someone can predict the next number without knowing the original seed number & algorithm. This adds many layers of security that are nearly impossible to crack. Only industry insiders have been able to hack them, & casinos guard the seed numbers like gold.

To this day RNG’s are used in every type of casino game that doesn’t have a dealer. From Keno to online craps, RNG’s are used to produce new results in machines in both land & online casinos. They are the beating heart behind any electric game, bringing all of our favorite games to life. Their algorithm regulates your odds at hitting the winning number & can be programmed to give any odds they want. For this reason these codes are relentlessly regulated by gaming commissions to give everyone a fair chance at hitting it big.


An infinite amount of numbers are produced to make sure machines are un-hackable.

To ensure that RNG’s are kept neutral they have to be tested by third party auditors. These include Technical Systems Testing (TST), Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) & eCOGRA. They perform a series of intricate tests to guarantee that casinos are playing by the rules.

Never play at a casino that isn’t regulated by a private party. Many online casinos have been caught rigging their RNG’s, so do your research to pick the best casino. When joining a new online casino look for the eCOGRA seal of approval to make sure that you are getting a fair chance at winning. Without this extra regulation you are gambling with your safety.