Girls with Guns Slot

Girls with Guns Slot

A new Microgaming slot is being released that is already making waves in the online casino world as people are awaiting this game with anticipation. Some of you may not have heard of this slot, but by the end of this article you will also be among those feeling a pang of nerves whilst awaiting its release.

There are many reasons why this game is so good and you are about to find out why this is the case. The new game is called Girls with Guns – Jungle Heat and as the name suggests it has a number of girls with big guns found in the jungle.

In total the girls with guns offer six different girls, all with their own speciality in the gun field. The girls names are Katherine, Maria, Kira, Alex, Zoe and last but not least Jess. Katherine is the General of the group, standing to attention with her cigar in mouth, Zoe dishes out the tactics for the group whilst Jess acts in espionage. Alex, Kira and Maria handle the weaponry with Alex in demolitions, Maria firing artillery and Kira being the crack shot with a sniper rifle.

There is an abundance of symbols to watch out for and some offer wilds and scatters too giving additional features that will give you a thrill.

For those men out there, the girls are in the jungle…and the jungle is a hot place to be so you will find each of the ladies in a suitable array of revealing clothing that is sure to make your blood boil. Dont let this deter you from the game play though as there is loads to win in this Girls with Guns slot so keep your wits about you and see if you have the metal to win big.