Explore the Weirdest Cafes in the World

Weirdest Cafes

Explore the Weirdest Cafes in the World

Out of all the cafes in the world, some steal the show with their bizarre themes. There’s no real rule for what a café should be, but some businesses took their individuality to a whole new level. These peculiar venues attract thousands of guests every year with their jaw dropping designs. Their styles range from hilarious to puzzling, but that didn’t stop them from opening their doors to visitors from around the world. Say what you like about their business models, but they refused to conform to the stereotypes normally associated with cafes.

In a world full of repetition & massive corporate chains, there’s something to be said for creating a unique café. Everyone is sick of Starbucks, since they embody the soulless hunt for profit of every major corporation. Nowadays people want a real experience, which is driving customers to grass-roots venues.

After exploring numerous coffee shops, it’s easy to say that they are all eerily similar. Fortunately for the adventurous coffee lover, that misconception is far from the truth. There are plenty of delightfully bizarre cafes, but clients need to do their research to find them. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the weirdest cafes in the world. They dared to be different, so prepare to be surprised with how far they took it!

Weirdest Cafes You Have to Visit

This cafe operates on a unique principle.

Odd Café #3: The Pay it Forward Café, (Corner Perk, SC, USA) – Unlike the rest of the entries on our list, this café looks completely normal. From the décor to the staff, nothing seems out of place at this coffee shop. What new customers don’t know is the fact that the coffee is normally completely free. This odd surprise may seem like corporate suicide, but the café still manages to run on one infamous principle.

Ever since a patron gave the owner $100 to pay for the next clients’ coffees, a new tradition was born. The café now relies on the pay it forward principle, where customers randomly donate money when they can. The key is occasionally donating, so the business stays afloat. So far it has worked, & this café has gained a ton of notoriety!

Weirdest Cafes

Experience the world’s most pleasant natural disaster.

Odd Café #2: Disaster Café (Lloret de Mar, Spain) – This underground café creates a truly unforgettable dining experience. Without warning, clients are randomly plunged into a simulated 7.8 earthquake. The staff are more than prepared, since they wear protective gear.

The plates & cups are heavy enough to stay put, so they don’t have to be replaced every day. No injuries have been reported at this café yet, but there’s still one golden rule. Guests are advised to keep an eye on their food so it doesn’t shake off the table. If you want to know what drinking your potentially last coffee feels like, head on down to Disaster Café!

Weirdest Cafes

Get a dose of feline companionship at this wild cafe!

Odd Café #1: The Cat’s Store (Tokyo, Japan) – Living in a big city can be tough, especially for cat lovers. Since tenants face strictly enforced no pet policies, Japanese people have to resort to paying to spend time with felines. Realizing that this was a bonanza, Neko no mise (Cat’s Store) opened its doors to cat loving guests. Each table has a cat, so you can go wild petting it while enjoying your coffee. The cats are more than happy to receive the extra attention, so everyone wins at this café.