Explore Tahiti and French Polynesia with Princess Cruises in 2020

Explore Tahiti and French Polynesia with Princess Cruises in 2020

Tahiti is one of the most popular destinations that just appears to locate itself well to exploration by cruise ships. Located in the islands of French Polynesia, it is awash in vibrant colors, lush history, and tropical breezes.

Princess Cruises

You can reach this place through, Princess Cruises that used to operate a small ship called Tahitian Princess in the South Pacific. This is an area predominated hugely by luxury cruises, the pretty Tahitian Princess offered an excellent itinerary and with all the Princess’s said elegance at an attractive price which can easily be affordable.

Tahitian Princess no more is a part of Princess Cruises as it left the fleet in 2016, and Princess stopped sending it its Tahiti voyages back in 2015.

New Cruises to Tahiti from Fall of 2010

But there is still something from Princess Cruises to offer. It will start offering five new departures in Tahiti and French Polynesia in the fall of 2020 – Tahitian Princess’s sister-ship, Pacific Princess.

Pacific Princess has been growing its Princess Cruises fleet ever since. It can accommodate only 670 guests and enter ports of call that would be off-limits to most of the line’s fleet of vessels carrying around 2,000 and 4,000 guests.

The nimble ship, originally built for Renaissance Cruises back in 1999 as R Three, has made a name for itself as Princess’s globe-trotting explorer. But she’s still big enough to offer all of the contemporary elegance and charms that Princess builds into its larger and newer vessels.

10 Day Voyage to Tahiti and French Polynesia

Sailing 10 days duration of only five cruises in Tahiti and French Polynesia Pacific Princess’ all voyages sail round trip from Papeete and Tahiti include overnight calls in that city plus romantic Bora Bora and a late-evening stay in Raiatea. Other ports where it reaches include Huahine, Moorea, and Rangiroa. It is expected to sail from Papeete on Oct. 5, 15, 25, and Nov. 4 and 14, 2020.

Explore Tahiti and French Polynesia

If you are looking to visit Tahiti and French Polynesia looking for unspoiled paradise, snorkeling, swimming trills and relaxation, Princess Cruises is the answer. This cruise offers the best way to explore these remote islands life aboard.

With only five departures for 2020, it will definitely be sold out fast. They’re open for bookings right now. In case you are interested in visiting these isolated yet alluring islands, better to put a deposit down on a stateroom now before they run out of places.


The twist is, for an even more exotic adventure, Princess also offers longer sailings that visit Easter Island and Hawaii, famed for its mysterious Moai statues. You can book for a 19- or 29-day Tahiti Grand Adventure cruise that is going to depart from Vancouver on Sept. 16, 2020. No doubt a month in paradise would appear to be worth planning before time.

Happy cruising.