Easy Tips to Win at Slots

Easy Tips to Win at Slots

Who doesn’t want to win at slots? Does it come easy? How amazing would it be to be able to play any slot machine in the world and watching money pouring into your hands? Unfortunately, it does not happen always. Frankly speaking, there is no secret sauce to win at slots, but there are a few tips you can follow to reduce the number of losses and increase the winning episodes.

How to Win on Slot Machines

Understand the Functioning of Slots


To understand its functioning can help you win slots. As today the slots keep changing its working with the evolving technology. It is no more the same as it was years ago. New age slots function on microprocessors facilitating random number generators (RNGs) to decide the results of the spins. These are designed to keep the suspense alive. In some machines, one of the reels stops a symbol away from completing that can give you a winning combination. So, knowing every slot is the first thing you need to consider.

Know All about RNG

This stands for random number generator. This technique is installed inside the slot machine computer that creates hundreds of random combination of numbers every second. The moment a player initiates a spin the RNG throws out a combination of numbers in 3 and 4 sets that then is the combination that the reels stop at. So, it is quite understood that the outcome of every spin is unpredictable. Every second the combination of numbers keeps changing. This is the toughest concept for most slot players to crack. If a slot hasn’t hit a big payout for a while it does not mean it is due. There is no frequency of winning combination. It may hit a jackpot one after another and may not hit any jackpot for days.

Let’s take the example of flipping a coin. The chances of landing on head and tail are 50:50 percent. If you flip the coin only 50 times, you might get skewed outcomes. But when you flip the coin 3,000 times you get a tail to head ratio of about 50:50. So, the point is the only catch with the slots is that the results of the reels are weighted. You are less likely to hit the jackpot than the bar, symbol or cherries.

So to understand how it all works is there is a separate format of symbols and numbers for each reel and the random number generator is throwing out sets of three digits ranging between 1 and 50. The results of the spin are purely random, but the odds are weighted.

Know the Payback Percentage of the Slot Machine


Every slot machine’s processors are programmed a payback percentage to ascertain the houses edges. The payback percentage differs from one slot to other slot machine but mostly it ranges between 90-97%. Most time, the higher denomination slots have higher payback. This is quite obvious as the casinos want their high roller players to win frequently so that they keep coming back and spending money in the casino. Usually in online casinos, given the software provide the payback varies. Being a player, you must find out the machines with the highest payback. You can do this by playing around in every slot. Just keep track of the play and also which slots payout what overtime or you can also track the loose online slots.

How To Win Consistently

For this, you must know how slots work and the odds of hitting a jackpot are slim. All these pieces of tips will help you select the right slot machine that can give you the increased chances of winning.

Know about True Multipliers


Finally, after clearing your myths about slot machines, it’s time to look for machines that are real multipliers with modest jackpots. Such machines are the ones that give double payout for the second coin as it does for the first coin. Avoid machines that penalize you for playing the highest bet. You may also look for a near-true multiplier having a slightly larger jackpot for the second coin if you fail to search out a real multiplier slot.

Once you find a real multiplier slot it will push you a denomination up. Advancing up in coin size will be in your favor as the higher denomination slot machines offer higher paybacks.

Tips to Consider

To stake a higher chance of winning slots session, it is imperative for you to:

1. Understand how the machines operate.
2. Find out the right machine giving the best odds.
3. Skip machines offering lower payback. Move to other.
4. Leave while you’re ahead.

These 4 common winning slot tricks can change your destiny and modus operandi of playing on slots. Not many people take the fourth tip seriously of quitting while ahead. Often slot machines are designed to spill money in the long haul, and if you play well that time in the same tempo it will beat you.