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Explore the Biggest Casinos in the Philippines

Even though it routinely gets overlooked, the Philippines is a gambler’s paradise. They have a thriving casino industry that’s getting reinvigorated with the opening of multiple integrated resorts. These stunning additions have caused luxury tourism to skyrocket, even though most people would never guess. The negative headlines are misleading, since the Philippines is one of the safest places to visit in the world. They are known for hospitality, but now their casino industry has become to vibrant to ignore.

Even though they already have booming gaming industry, it’s going to keep evolving. Philippine casinos are set to exceed $6 billion in revenue by 2018. A number of integrated casino resorts already exist, but multiple newcomers are expected to open their doors. They are constructed on the beach, flanked by the biggest mall in Asia and theme parks for children.

This provides the perfect backdrop that the entire family can enjoy. These amenities make the Philippines a travel destination that can’t be missed. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the biggest casinos in the Philippines. They are larger than life, so don’t skip this emerging gambling oasis!

Largest Casinos in the Philippines


Meet the complex that pioneered Entertainment City!

Casino #3: Solaire Resort & Casino – This massive entertainment center was the first resort to open in Manila’s Entertainment City. It paved the way for other mega-resorts, and remains one of the biggest casinos in the Philippines. The complex sprawls over 21 acres and includes enough amenities to put most cities to shame. A staggering billion dollars was invested in this resort, which is made apparent with their long list of features. Both of their 17-story 5-star hotels contain 400 luxury rooms, villas and suites. They also host a 1,740-seat theater, spa, night club and 8 restaurants.

The entertainment options are dazzling, but the true focus is on the casino floor. Their gaming space takes up a whopping 18,500 square meters. This area is absolutely packed with every imaginable casino game. There are 360 tables and 1,620 slots machines, which give players more options than they can physically play. This daring venue is a spectacle to behold, so don’t miss it on your next trip!

the Philippines

Experience some of the most entertaining venues in the country!

Casino #2: City of Dreams – Prepare to be dazzled when entering this sprawling casino complex. It’s the sister-resort to City of Dreams Macau, so it’s built to impress. Staying the night is encouraged, since they feature six luxury hotels that provide a total of 1,000 rooms. There’s a luxury theater, shopping mall and multiple restaurants, but the list of amenities doesn’t stop there. They feature two world class nightclubs, Pangaea and Chaos, in their Fortune Egg dome. This lets visitors mingle with locals in a luxurious hedonistic environment.

The gaming area is just as robust, since it covers 19,626 square meters. This massive area is home to 350 gaming tables and 1,900 slot machines. The broad selection of games is only overshadowed by its stunning presentation. Enjoy the some of the best entertainment in Asia at this larger than life resort!


This casino is one of the biggest attractions in Manila.

Casino #1: Resorts World Manila – Located right next to the international airport, the silhouette of this resort greets every newcomer to the Philippines. It sports over 1,500 hotel rooms in 3 massive hotels. There’s a 30,000-square meter shopping mall, flanked by an equally large game floor. This is currently the biggest casino in the Philippines, so there’s no shortage of epic gaming opportunities!

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