Cops N’ Bandits Slot

Cops N’ Bandits Slot

A new slot has been unleashed onto the online casino world, this slot has been developed and unleashed by Playtech and promises to be a big slot for all to enjoy.

The slot in question is called Cops N’ Bandits, a game we all know from when we were young playing cops n bandits with friends. Now we can relive our youth by being able to play the new slot version of the game.

The Cops N’ Bandits slot starts off with the animated story of Skinny Larry and Tiny George, two bank robbers who are trying to get away from the long arm of the law that is Slim McThin. Whilst the two robbers manage to slip away from the cops, Slim McThin manages to pick them out back at the station when they are picked up for some other naughtiness.

The slot has typical symbols one would expect to see, first you have the cops symbol and robbers symbol, but there are also handcuffs, swag sacks and more, oh and the obligatory high value cards associated with slots in general.

The highest jackpots on the slot is 1000 coins and this is achieved by getting all the cop symbols, the robber symbols offer the next biggest jackpot of 500 coins.

There is a bonus game on this slot and its called The Line Up. In the bonus game you see six criminals lined up and you have to pick the right one to get the cash prize. For any wrong chosen crims you will see some of your cash winnings robbed away from you.

There are thirty paylines on this slot and you can wager anything from 0.20 upwards making it a slot that all can enjoy. Playtech have done well with this slot and it has already been unleashed at Casino Tropez.