Canadian Metal Bands as well as Metal Slots to Enjoy in Canada

Metal slots Canada- Play at Super lenny

Canadian Metal Bands as well as Metal Slots to Enjoy in Canada

Metal slots to play in Canada in 2018

Metal slots games are most popular with Canucks. The reason is very straightforward for this love of metal games because Canada has a rich history of metal bands. The musical bands like Steppenwolf who began as the Sparrows in 1964, and Warpig founded in 1970 hailed from Toronto and Woodstock respectively.

These bands gave Canadian music lovers classics like Born to be Wild and Rock Star, and have gone on to influence a number of other Canadian rockers over the years. In fact, Canada has always had a flourishing metal scene, and more recent bands like 3 Inches of Blood and Strapping Young Lad have gained a large underground following. This made slot developers realize that combining Canadians’ love for metal with gambling games is a winning formula.

Metal Slots to Enjoy in Canada 2018

Metal slots Canada- Play at Super lenny

Metal slots Canada- Play at Super Lenny

The metal musical band has crazy audience and so does the online casino and gaming portals that provide crazy games metal slots. One of the well known developer for such kind of slots is NetEnt. This gaming software brand have cleverly decided to combine the two genres and create slot machines based on metal music. There are some awesome slot games that can be enjoyed at online Canadian friendly casinos with real CAD or for free to enjoy on PC or with your smartphone. Such slots games to name a few that are very popular are Guns N’ Roses, Megadeth, and Kiss. These games give metal fans an opportunity to win money and listen to their favourite songs at the same time.

Where to play Metal Slots in Canada?

Play At Super Lenny

If you like Metal slots then a good online casino to check out is Super Lenny, which has rock and metal themes. There are numerous slots based on bands there, including the hugely popular Megadeth slot. Also at this casino site you will find horror films with games like House of Doom and Immortal Romance.

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Metal slots Canada with latest bonuses at Super Lenny

Slots based on popular bands have helped those bands earn renewed interest from wider audiences, and have had the same effect as the Anvil documentary in 2008. There are bound to be more metal slots cropping up in the near future.

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Canadians love for Metal

Canada’s metal scene actually began to take shape during the 1980s. Anvil are probably the most notable metal act of this time, and the band which formed in 1978 are credited with having influenced world-renowned metal groups like Megadeth, Slayer, and Metallica. The Toronto-based group featured in the 2008 documentary Anvil: The Story of Anvil, which helped them make a comeback. They subsequently went on tours with AC/DC and Saxon. Helix are another successful metal act from the same time period. The band formed in Kitchener in 1974, but achieved fame in the 1980s thanks to their popular 1984 single Rock You. The metal group founded by drummer Bruce Arnold toured alongside other major bands from the genre including Kiss, Aerosmith, Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, and Whitesnake.

Ever since the 80s, the metal scene in Canada has remained strong. There have been numerous popular death metal bands including Cryptopsy and Gorguts, extreme metal groups such as Fuck the Facts and Into Eternity, along with progressive metal bands like Protest the Hero. With a strong love for the genre in the region, it looks as though Canada is going to keep producing bands that push the boundaries of metal as much as possible.