Cambodian Casinos That Can’t Be Missed

Cambodian Casinos

Cambodian Casinos That Can’t Be Missed

Everyone’s heard of Angkor Wat, but Cambodia’s bustling casinos routinely go overlooked. This is due to the fact that the country is mostly known for its wild nightlife and gorgeous temples. While this may be the main appeal for Westerners, Cambodia has been a gambling sanctuary for decades. Unlike their neighbors, Cambodia has an extremely relaxed approach to gambling. This has let the country cash in on a continuous flood of Thai and Vietnamese tourists. Everyday thousands of players cross the border exclusively to gamble at Cambodian casinos.

Even though Cambodia is a gambling oasis for its neighbors, its citizens aren’t allowed to participate. Cambodian nationals were banned from gambling in 1996, but the law is loosely enforced. Over 46 major casinos cater to tourists, while countless underground dens let locals get a piece of the action.

This lightly regulated environment has given birth to plenty of must see venues. As a tourist they are easy to overlook, especially with all the other attractions to choose from. Missing out on these casinos is unacceptable, so we decided to provide the proper guidance. Enjoy our list of the best casinos in Cambodia, they are more enticing than you can imagine!

Cambodian Casinos Everyone Should Visit

Cambodian Casinos

Enjoy the biggest venue in the country!

Cambodian Casino #1: NagaWorld – Ever since its founding in 1994, this massive casino has set the standard in Cambodia. On top of being the first company to pioneer legal gambling, this is also the biggest casino in the country. It started out as a boat that floated down the Tonle Sap river in Phnom Penh, but evolved drastically over the years. It eventually acquired its own building on a massive parcel of land, which quickly turned into a massive casino.

Now the casino itself spans over 75,000 square feet, with a robust game floor that’s packed with options. There are over 1,000 slot machines and 200 table games for visitors to indulge in. This is hands down the most extravagant casino in Cambodia, since it’s accompanied by 1.2 million square feet of entertainment.

NagaWorld sports a 525-room hotel, convention center, nightclub, spa and numerous restaurants. They have a sole concession on gambling within the capital until 2035. To celebrate this monopoly, they are opening up the Naga2 this December. It will undoubtedly become the next showstopper in Phnom Penh, but until it opens visitors can enjoy this larger than life casino!

Cambodian Casinos

The views of the ocean are breathtaking!

Cambodian Casino #2: Koh Kong Casino Resort – This gorgeous venue is strategically located on the Koh Kong beachfront. It’s extremely close to the Thai border, which allows their neighbors to take advantage of Cambodia’s lax gambling laws. This venue has a 39,000-square foot game floor that’s open 24 hours a day.

On top of the hundreds of slots and table games, there are plenty of amenities for visitors. Their 4-star resort has 519 guestrooms and suites that face the sea. There are also a number of restaurants, bars and a fully equipped spa. The view is breathtaking, so don’t miss this gorgeous casino!

Cambodian Casinos

Get in the Thai spirit with thousands of foreigners.

Cambodian Casino #3: Star Vegas International Resort & Casino –  This venue has catered to Thai visitors since 1999. It’s situated in a special economic zone of Poipet that doesn’t require a visa to enter. This allows thousands of Thai players to visit this bustling venue every day. The currency is in Thai baht, so the entire casino caters to Thai’s.

There are plenty of attractions, and the game floor is where the action is. This 31,000-square foot casino floor comes to life with 1,284 slot machines and 109 table games. There’s also a fitness center, spa, 385-room hotel, restaurants and bars. These lovely features attract 5,000 visitors a day, so join the party!