Bust the Bank

Bust the Bank

Microgaming has been feverishly working hard of late and a new slot has not long been released that we feel pushes the boundaries of fun and frolics for all to enjoy.

We feel that having played this slot it is definitely worthy of a run out as a brilliant new game that will really make you’re gaming a place of super enjoyment, this is a slot that will really put a smile on your face.

Bust the Bank is a video slot that delivers a whopping two hundred and forty three ways of winning, not bad for any slot standard. The thing is, this is not the biggest reason for playing, Bust the Bank is one of the most fun heist games available.

What sets this slot apart from any other heist slot before it is the fact that the animations are simply enjoyable to watch and will have you smiling from ear to ear. To give you an idea of the type of animations you will see, there is a dog enjoying a toilet stop on a fire hydrant, the bank spurting gold out or the female police woman driving erratically whilst shooting at the crims. There are just a few of the funny animations you can expect to see.

The big symbols to watch out for are the Larry and Bob (criminals) symbols, the rather rotund policeman or the dynamite symbol. On top of these the Bust the Bank symbol is by far the most important to watch out for as this gives you all sorts of reasons to be happy.

Microgaming is also experimenting with new slot themes and this latest one is truly inspiring as it not only entices you through the power of slot gaming, but also for the fun element and big jackpots too.