Big Fish gain Rollin Rich Slot

Big Fish gain Rollin Rich Slot

Rollin Rich slotBig Fish Casino is not a casino we have really talked about at Free Slots Canada, but today we will talk about this great casino and one brilliant slot that have been added to its arsenal. Big Fish Casino has been around for a while and many casino players love this great casino, with this new game launch they are sure to love the casino even more as it offers game play that is pretty unrivalled in the slot world.

With many of you chomping at the bit to know more about Rollin Rich Slot, read on and find out more!

Rollin Rich Slot

Rollin Rich is a slot that takes you on an iconic road trip across the United States where you get to visit all the big name destinations on your epic journey to free prizes and big cash rewards.

What is special about Rollin Rich is the fact that this is a social game so each player impacts each other so one individual win will add to that of another and another to roll up into a social scatter reward.

The social scatter allows the winning players to scoot on to the next location and then freely enjoy moving around the United States on the map whilst collecting all the free prizes on the way. This is a great way to show how different players from across the globe end up supporting each other as a means to enjoying their gaming and win rewards by doing so.

You can get Rollin Rich through iTunes, Amazon, Facebook and more as this is a mobile social slot that can be played anywhere.

Big Fish Casino is always looking for big games like the Rollin Rich slot, so if your looking for a great casino, why not give the Big Fish Casino a try!