Best Online Slots for Canadian Players

Best Online Slots for Canadian Players

Best Online Slots for Canadian Players

When selecting to play online slots, looking for the best Canadian online slots could be a tiring job. Many factors should influence your decision. The type of slots you’re looking to play, the welcome bonus offers, and the payout rates are all important qualities to consider. Here are some of the Best Online Slots for Canadian Players.

Like online Canadian sportsbooks, it would be best to test out a few different online Canadian slots sites to see which one you feel most comfortable with if slots are indeed your game of choice.

There are plenty to select from and it’d be just about impossible not to find one you like or even find much fault with the ones you’re testing.

The online casinos in Canada are comprehensive with wide-ranging slot games and interactive interfaces. You will get impressed by the offerings these days, even if it’s a bit overwhelming at first.

To start with, let’s look at the different types of slots to get a basic idea of the terms that may be used moving forward.

Types of Canadian Online Slots

1. Classic Slot Machines

Classic Slot Machines

Classic Slot Machines

These types of slot machines are the most conventional of all slot machine games in which the concept of lines and reels were developed.

These slot machines are one of the Best Online Slots for Canadian Players featuring typically three reels and three lines. Every reel has about three images or symbols, numbers, etc. and if the same image, or symbol/number appears on all three reels in a line, you hit the prize.

2. Video Slot Machines

Video Slot Machines

Video Slot Machines

These types of slot machines are by far the most popular ones to play slots due to their advanced display and attractive and interactive interface.

Often, the video slot machines are also termed as five-reel slots. They are usually more attractive and engaging to play. Much more enticing to play than the traditional reels that featured pictures of fruit, these images are more consumer-friendly. It has graphics ranging from your favorite TV shows to blockbuster movies to video games and lifestyle.

3. Progressive Online Slot Machines

Video Slot Machines

Video Slot Machines

Such slots offer huge payouts that can even exceed $10M. Essentially, every time you wager on the progressive, it adds to the “pot.” This is becoming a very popular way to play slots given the attraction of a life-changing jackpot prize.

Now, let’s take a look at the top Canadian online slots available today.

Top Three Canadian Online Slot Games

1. Ancient Fortunes: Zeus

Ancient Fortunes Zeus

Ancient Fortunes Zeus

If you are fond of Greek mythology, you would love to play this slot. It is the combination of the mysterious world of Greek mythology and religion and has shaped as Ancient Fortunes: Zeus by Microgaming.

It features of standard setup with three rows, five reels, and ten paylines across. The wins, pay both ways. It means there are twice as many chances to land a win on every spin.

The game features rolling reels and growing win multipliers, with all winning symbols being removed from the reels after the win and new ones rolling out into their place. After every win, the multiplier trail located above the reels moves one step ahead to the maximum of 7x. Not new, this feature adds to the overall excitement and gaming experience. It is one of the Best Online Slots for Canadian Players.

Symbols and Features

It features cartoonish but detailed graphics with reels set on a backdrop of an Olympian temple. You will find symbols the God of Thunder (acting as the wild), Greek warriors, Caduceus, the staff of Hermes, and more. You will be engulfed into powerful music playing in the background, occasionally interrupted by lightning running across the sky.

Bonus Rounds and Free Spins

When you land three or more bonus symbols you trigger bonus features. Bonus symbols are presented by the golden lightning, and you’ll need at least three of them on one of the paylines. Wilds can substitute for free spins symbols.

If you land the wild symbol alongside free spins symbols, you win up to 50 free spins. You may also re-trigger the bonus feature.

2. Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance

If the supernatural is up your alley this slot is just for you combined with romance. This online Canadian slot game is the modern craze for romantic tales set against gothic, moonlit backdrops and featuring mystical creatures of the night.

This slot aims to trigger the excitement within players to offer endless fun and entertainment. The slot itself has a five-reel, three-row setup, and an RTP of 96.86%, with 243 paylines.

This slot game features a theme focused on the recent trend of supernatural romances. It features the modern craze for romantic tales, set against gothic, moonlit backdrops, and starring mystical creatures of the night.

Bonus Rounds and Payouts

It offers payouts whenever symbols line up to create wins. These symbols include gothic architecture and backdrops, four dashing romantic lead characters, and standard card symbols such as A, J, K, Q, 10, and 9.

It has a minimum bet value of 0.01 credits, while the maximum credits are 0.10. The coin sizes range between 1 to a maximum of 10 coins, with the maximum possible bet at 30.

You will also find several bonuses and extra features that aim to boost the odds of winning. On landing three or more Lion Door Knocker scatter symbols will grant you access to the Chamber of Spins. This feature consists of four character-themed levels.

In the first level, Amber grants ten free spins, with all wins multiplied by five. The second, Troy, offers not only fifteen free spins, along with the “Vampire Bat” feature, which has vampire bats fly across the reels.

The third, Michael, is not accessible until the Chamber of Spins is triggered ten times. You get twenty consecutive spins and a “rolling reels” feature, which allows for multipliers of up to 5x on consecutive wins.

The fourth and final level, Sarah. It is locked until the Chamber of Spins triggers 15 times. On triggering this, you get twenty-five spins, along with the Wild Vine feature, which transforms random symbols into vines. You can also re-trigger free spins during this bonus round.

Free Spins

A free spin is available in the Chamber of Spins, with 4 character levels. These increase in number, as per the character chosen, along with additional bonus features. It is one of the Best Online Slots for Canadian Players.

The slot game has unique audio, reminiscent of true love. When any of the bonus rounds activates, you can expect to hear gothic rock tunes, accompanied by each special lead character.

3. Break Da Bank

Break Da Bank

Break Da Bank

It is a digital slot and one of the first to explore the potential of developing games in a computer-friendly format. It features three reels and five paylines, and remains popular despite the older generations’ preference to enjoy the “classic” slot machine games.

Digital slots like this started to explore the potential of developing games in a computer-friendly format. This game features 3 reels and 5 paylines.

Bonus Rounds and Payouts

It is a straightforward slot game and doesn’t offer any of the modern features. You will find an adrenaline rush of gaming excitement as you chase down a winning spin.

On hitting on three dollar symbols, you get 2400 on a maximum bet, and that would be a serious pay. Break the Bank logo itself is the wild and it can either complete your line or line up 3 times on its own and also payout 2400 credits.


You will find symbols are a dollar symbol, triple bar, double bar, single bar, and any bar symbol. The Break da Bank symbol is the most excited though, and it is a logo of the game’s background. Scatter symbols are not available on this particular game.

You do not get any bonus symbols.


These three Canadian online slots games are just from a wide range of assortment of slots. So check out some of Canada’s best online gambling sites, and you’ll find out hundreds of different slot games that are sure to offer some beautiful options regardless of preference!