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Avoid These Tourist Attractions in 2017

The world is filled with epic travel destinations, & some should be avoided at all costs. These places have been transformed into tourist traps by their raging popularity. There are plenty of places that will lure you in with their charm, only give you the runaround. While these places had their heyday, over the years the allure has faded. From throngs of tourists to booming construction projects, these tourist attractions aren’t in their prime.

Out of all the vibrant places to visit, some are a bad choice in 2017. We all know that Syria & North Korea were never tourist hangouts, but some tourist attractions will surprise you. Staying on top of which destinations are failing is a daunting task. There are so many people who blindly sing their praises that finding the truth can be near impossible. For this reason, we have compiled a list of places to avoid in 2017. Prepare to be surprised by these once revered tourist destinations!

Worst Tourist Attractions to Visit in 2017

tourist attractions

Stay away from the worst smog in the world!

Travel Spot #1: New Delhi – This was once a gem for any accomplished traveler. Its beautiful attractions made it an official bucket list destination. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. Their tourism run went up in smoke in 2016 with an epidemic of smog. In the blink of an eye, the thick smoke put the once vibrant capital in a chokehold.

This earned them the title of the worst pollution on earth. On a bad day, visitors can only see a few yards ahead of them. This wreaked havoc on more than just the tourism, the locals are stuck living in this disaster. As the city officials scramble to come up with a solution, one thing has become painfully clear. New Delhi needs to be avoided at all costs until they get their smog under control.

tourist attractions

The action won’t be back in Dubai for a few years!

Travel Spot #2: Dubai – This city may have taken over Instagram model feeds, but it isn’t ready for visitors just yet. They are in the middle of a massive construction boom, so many attractions aren’t accessible. For those who are in the dark, Dubai is furiously preparing for Dubai Expo 2020. They are investing extreme amounts of cash into some of the boldest development plans in the world.

While these additions will be glorious, they won’t be ready for visitors anytime soon. They are constructing the largest tower in the world, but it won’t be viewable until 2018. This news has been echoing throughout the city as businesses scramble to revamp their buildings. There’s nothing worse than hopping off an expensive flight to be greeted with construction projects. Do yourself a favor & wait until they complete this epic transformation!

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This is a sad reminder of our global impact.

Travel Spot #3: Great Barrier Reef – Being confronted with the destruction of humanity’s addiction to fossil fuel & plastic is a sobering experience. Never is it more apparent than when you visit the Great Barrier Reef. Over the years the beautiful colors of the coral reefs have undergone a horrific transformation. They are now skeletal gray, & the corals are dying at an alarming rate. The damage isn’t being done by visitors, so you can still take the tour. Unfortunately, the mere sight of this atrocity is enough to ruin any vacation. Climate change isn’t something to be ignored, but it has no place as a tourist destination.

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