Anyone for Racing Camels

Anyone for Racing Camels

Crazy Camel CashStrange question we know, but it’s very apt when you understand more about the new online slot game we are talking about today!

The chance of developing new and unique themes for online slots has become increasingly difficult given the huge number of slots that now saturate the market for our enjoyment. With this in mind it seems the online casinos are looking to unique offerings through intriguing stories from across the globe.

Racing Camels as a Theme

One of these is camel racing! Camel racing is big in certain areas of the Middle East and if you go to the beaches of the United Kingdom you will notice people paying for their kids to have a little donkey ride on the beach.

Maybe this is evidence that the slot developers are looking further into the little quirks of different cultures to develop more new and interesting slot themes.

Rival Gaming Crazy Camel Cash

This new camel racing slot is called Crazy Camel Cash and it has been developed by Rival Gaming.

What may surprise many is that whilst the theme is new and innovative, Rival Gaming has gone for a real classic style of slot with only three reels and no additional extras such as the bonus games or free spins.

There are many symbols to watch out for, but it is the camel symbols to watch out for. If you get the three camels roll in then you can expect the biggest jackpot of 2,000 coins, not a bad return for only a three coin wager. One and two coin wagers bring a lower jackpot return.

If you are looking for a new and interesting slot on offer that delivers the old school no frills, three reel efforts then why not give this new Crazy Camel Cash a try!