About eCOGRA & How It Protects Your Online Gaming


About eCOGRA & How It Protects Your Online Gaming

Even though most players don’t know what eCOGRA is, it’s a crucial part of the online gaming community. In a booming industry filled with online casinos based around the world only one organization keeps them in check. Luckily for players worldwide, we no longer have to blindly trust flashy online casinos. For years eCOGRA has overseen the business practices of companies that many see as untouchable. This watchdog is responsible for keeping online casinos accountable, only certifying those that have passed their rigid standards. Odds are, if you have played online slots you have seen the eCOGRA logo on many of your favorite casinos. For this reason we are showcasing their illustrious history.

History of the Savior of Online Gambling: eCOGRA


eCOGRA certification is a seal you can trust.

As online gambling became one of the most lucrative industries in the world, one organization decided to take on the enormous responsibility of regulating it. That bold company is none other than the eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, better known as eCOGRA. Their reach currently spreads all over the world as they oversee one of the most hectic industries in history.

Ever since their creation eCOGRA has made a permanent impression on the online gambling industry. The company was launched in London in 2003, simultaneously with the first online gambling regulation service in history. From there on they made a name for themselves as one of the most respected regulators in the business. They have a strict set of accepted practices that online casinos must adhere to if they are going to wear the eCOGRA certification badge.

Taming such a wild industry was no easy feat, but eCOGRA was up for the challenge. They do yearly checkups on all their certified casinos, making sure that they are following eCOGRA’s Generally Accepted Practices. This strict set of rules regulates everything from payout rates to withdrawal processes. Their agents relentlessly test RNG’s & make sure that casinos follow through with their policies. They also publicly mediate complaints & disputes between clients & casinos. This transparency has laid waste to numerous nefarious casinos & gives players a voice against multi-million dollar businesses.


The future of the online gaming industry’s integrity is in eCOGRA’s hands.

 You owe it to yourself to play at a casino that has put themselves through eCOGRA’s rigorous certification program. They are the biggest name in the industry & scammer casinos go out of their way to avoid them. If you want to find out if your casino is eCOGRA certified you don’t have to look far. Getting certified is no easy task, so casinos are proud to display it. If you don’t see an eCOGRA logo on the home page of your online casino you should proceed with caution.

Maintaining a balance in such a crooked industry is extremely difficult. Rogue casinos are notorious for setting up fake certification companies & even creating review sites to legitimize their schemes. The only organization that has preserved their integrity is eCOGRA & to this day they are the leading voice in the online gaming community. Their mission is to ensure that every player gets access to the fair play that they are entitled to. Do yourself a favor & play at an eCOGRA certified casino.