9 Secrets You Didn’t Know Canada Had

Canada secrets

9 Secrets You Didn’t Know Canada Had

Canada is an immense country that has its fair share of surprises, even to those living there. It’s massive borders span over 6 different time zones. This huge chunk of the planet is home to an outrageously diverse variety of wildlife, nature & humans. All these differences created a beautiful tapestry of the world’s most interesting anomalies. Thanks to this cornucopia of detail, there are many shocking facts that are completely unique to Canada. With so much diversity, there are bound to be parts that are amazingly peculiar.

Many people think of Canada as a frozen wonderland. While that may be true for part of the country, there’s plenty that fails to meet the eye. Even for locals, its easy to forget about what makes this country incomparable. That’s why we have come up with a list of Canada’s most surprising facts. So sit back & prepare to be amused by the details that make Canada second to none!

Canada’s Most Shocking Secrets

Canada Secret

These facts will amaze even the most seasoned traveler!

  1. Aliens Are Welcome – With millions of potential galaxies & planets still undiscovered, extraterrestrial life is more than probable. The Canadian government adamantly agrees with this fact. They felt so strongly about this that in 1967 they constructed a UFO landing pad in St Paul, Alberta.
  2. Santa is a Real Canadian – Christmas tradition has long been treasured in Canada. They even took it a step further by making Santa a Canadian citizen. The government even hires people to respond to the millions of letters Santa receives. You can send a letter in any language & receive a reply from one of his helpers.
  3. Reindeers Galore – Speaking of Christmas, there are plenty of reindeers for Santa to choose from. In Canada alone there are over 2.5 million Caribou (reindeers).
  4. Basketball Pioneers – Move over LeBron James, Canadians have changed sports forever. To everyone’s surprise, basketball was actually invented in Canada.
  5. Cheesy Delight – Canadians officially consume more Kraft Macaroni & Cheese dinners than any other nation on the planet. This makes it easy to figure out what to make for a dinner party!
  6. Unique Name – Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha! put Quebec on the map by being the only place in the world with two exclamation marks in its name. This bizarre title came from the 17th century phrase “ha ha” for unexpected obstacles. This town received this jolly addition from the huge obstacle of Lake Temiscouata.
  7. Proud to be a Woman – If you are looking for a place to get in touch with your feminine spirit, Canada is for you. It’s officially rated the best G20 country to be a woman.
  8. Snakes Galore – Manitoba has the largest concentration of snakes in the entire world. Every May, over 70,000 red sided garter snakes emerge from hibernation. Plan around it if the sight of snakes makes you squeamish!
  9. Apology Taken – In 2009 the Apology Act made apologies inadmissible in court. This was created to protect Canadians’ from their frequent use of the word “sorry”. Now in court an apology is simply an expression of sympathy or regret, not an admission of guilt or fault.