8 Things You must Do in Toronto

8 Things You must Do in Toronto

Enjoying the summer season could be a luxury for many and there could be many ways of doing it. One of them is to take a 15-minute ferry to the Toronto Islands. It will take you away from the urban chaos of the city and let you ooze into the beauty and serenity of nature. It’s like how the old saying goes: “there is nothing better than a good old picnic spot”.

Check out our 8 favorite things to do on the Toronto Island.

1. Visit Far Enough Farms for Regional Animals

The Far Enough Farm at the east of the Centreville Park on the Centre Island is home to over 40 diverse species. It can be a pretty sight to view for the kids and even adults. You can pet a llama, adore the ducks, and do many more exciting things and so it is a good old spot for the kids during the picnic.

2. Take a Yoga Paddle Classes

The incredible sight of the sun setting can be viewed from the Toronto Island SUP. The yoga Paddling classes take care of you by keeping your body in shape and healthy. You can watch the tutorials for the Yoga Paddling classes if you are new to the field. The SUP’s classes give you from the intense workout routine to the calm and quiet meditation classes. All in all, it is pretty serene for your body and mind to have an experience like this.

3. Visit the Beaches

The City Island Beach, Wards Island Beach, and the Hanlan’s Point Beach are the three major beaches in the Toronto Islands which can serve you a good deal of serene and tranquil nature. The water is tested by the beach staff so you need not worry just bring your bike and take a dive!

4. Rent a Kayak or Canoe

You can also get an opportunity to paddle and sail through the exotic and diverse fish species that range around 35, as well as sea turtles, herons, and nesting swans. The Boat House lets you do that by renting a canoe or kayak. Experience the vast and cool horizons on the sea.

5. Explore the William Meany Maze

The name William Meany Maze is given by the person who built it- William Meany. It is, however, a maze that has around 1200 black cedars and covers 15000 square feet. Head into the hedges and find yourself lost into the green and natural beauty of the cedars and find your way out of it. With only one entry and one exit, you will find this obstacle worth surpassing.

6. Visit the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse 

The Gibraltar Point Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse dating back to 1808. The spooky thing about this is that the lighthouse is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of JP Rademueller. It says that he was the first lighthouse keeper and murdered by two soldiers at Fort York. As a result, the ghost comes back to haunt the lighthouse every summer. His excruciating screams can be heard from one side of the island to the other.

7. Play a Round of Frisbee Golf

If you are hardcore golf fan, you can swing your clubs over here at the Frisbee Golf. The Ward Island Ferry from the Bay St. Docks can get you to the Frisbee Golf course. Challenge your friend or acquaintance to an 18-hole championship.

8. Enjoy the Sights at the Centre Island Pier

The point where the sea meets the land is always a satisfying feeling that resonates everyone who experiences it. Feel the stress drain out of your body by witnessing the waves crash into the Centre Island Pier. A large observation deck is available at the end of the pier through which you can gaze onto Lake Ontario. Take a bite of anything sweet that suits the ambiance and witness the breath taking experience.


These are the most worth visiting places and things to do in Toronto if you happen to visit this place in your next vacation.