7 Best Tips To Win More At Slots

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7 Best Tips To Win More At Slots

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There are certain techniques that give you an edge while playing slots.

When it comes to playing a slots, a solid strategy can make the difference between leaving a winner & recklessly squandering money you don’t have. While there is no way to officially “beat” the casino, there are many precautions you can take to defend your finances.

If you are playing slots at a casino the odds are set against you. So if you are going to have any success your plan also needs to be set before you enter the casino. You don’t step into a fighting ring against a professional boxer without training relentlessly. So don’t enter a casino thinking you can pull off an Ocean’s 11. Proper preparation & strategic playing can increase your odds at walking away with more cash than you started with. Here are 7 tips to win more while playing slots.

Tips For Winning More at Slots

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Use these tips to increase your chances of winning!

Tip #7: Use Common Sense – Don’t play with your emotions, stick to your plans. Don’t bring more money to the casino than you can afford to lose. If you have problems controlling yourself when you are gambling, leave your ATM card at home.

Tip #6: If You Win Big, Leave – The main failing point of most slot players is they don’t quit while they are ahead. Once you win at slots you have two options: keep your money or give it back to the casino. You already beat the odds by winning, don’t keep pushing your luck. To avoid this pitfall cash out & leave after any big win.

Tip #5: Manage Your Money – Before you go to the casino set aside a budget that you are willing to lose. Once you figure out how much you are working with divide it into 3 sessions. That way you don’t risk blowing all your cash in one session. If you are having a negative streak, take a break & try something different. The worst thing you can do is play with your emotions.

Tip #4: Pick Your Machine Wisely – Pick the slot machine with the highest payback rate. The highest paying machines are usually placed in the most visible areas. As a rule of thumb slot machines with smaller jackpots have higher hit rates than the mega-jackpot machines.

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Don’t let the slots play you. Take back control with these tips!

Tip #3: Play Dollar Machines – It’s a fact that higher denomination machines have higher return percentages. The average payback rate of dollar machines is 98%. So avoid wasting time with quarter machines unless your gambling budget is basically non existent.

Tip #2: Join the Slot Club – Most casinos offer an extra payback percentage if you join a slot club. Not all slot clubs are equally advantageous, so be extremely picky when choosing which casino slot club you join. Shoot for a cash rebate of 0.67% to 1.0%. Since most dollar machines offer 98% payback that extra percent bumps you up closer to 100%.

Tip #1: Be a Loyal Player – When you show loyalty to a casino it opens up doors to a slew of benefits. Since they are facing fierce competition casinos love to spoil repeat customers. Some casinos treat their clients better than others, so do some research & pick your casino wisely. Look into their loyalty programs before spending a dime. Once you get your foot in the door of a quality loyalty program you can expect free rooms, food, gifts, exclusive slot tournament access & invitations to special events. Your dollar counts, so make sure you are investing it in a casino that treats you properly.