6 Iconic Places in Alberta Worth Visiting

6 Iconic Places in Alberta Worth Visiting

There are multiple picturesque spots in Alberta that are breathtaking to visit and view and you should give it a shot to go and visit them. Every year, major crowds are attracted from all over Canada and the visit count is always high over here. From the prairies to the woods of the northern half of the province you will find everything alluring about the place. Below are the six spots which are worth visiting here in Alberta:

1. Bar U Ranch

The Bar U Ranch is the heart of Alberta’s finest ranches. It has that cowboy vibe going on and you will know it as soon as you enter this place. The Bar u Ranch is located in Longview Alberta which an hour south of Calgary. This was a very work-driven ranch once but it is now a National Historic Site where people come to expel their inquisitive side of life and admire the history. Another thing that makes this place so incredible is the picturesque rolling green hills and the royal foreshadowing of the Rocky Mountains in the background.

2. Drumheller Badlands

The Drumheller Badlands provides almost a fantasy-world like landscape that consists of canyons, coulees, hoodoos and, other geographical formations as well. This area is also in abundance with dinosaur bones. Due to intense heat and temperature, it may feel like an exotic desert like a featured landscape. The road trip to take in this area is almost as breathtaking as in any of the other spots in Alberta to visit. There is a lot you can see from the badlands such as the raft down the Red Deer River or with a hike through Midland Provincial Park.

3. Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park

Representing the heritage of the Blackfoot inhabitants, Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park is a place of natural history and glory where the inhabitants have preserved the numerous petroglyphs as a sacred indigenous historic site. Located in Southern Alberta, this park is home to its historic legacy and is just miles away from the American Border. These also represent thousands of individuals’ work of art.

There are also camping options for you to experience in this place and although the prairie lands are not so long and stretchy as they may seem, you can always have some serenity in the winds that blow over here. For a prolonged experience, there are camping facilities available as well in this place.

4. Columbia Icefield

With the everlasting summer months in the Rocky Mountains, there are also appearances and glances of the white in the Columbian Icefield. This area is prone to snow and stretches for about 325 kilometers. The chilly atmosphere around here covers the Banff and Jasper National Parks, the territories of Alberta and British Columbia and the Continental Divide. There are also glaciers residing in this area and you can take a look at the famous Athabasca Glacier which can be viewed from the Icefields Parkway. There are also guides that can give you a tour of the place from the Columbia Icefield Discovery Centre.

5. Wood Buffalo National Park

Claiming the position of the largest national park in Alberta, Wood Buffalo National Park is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the Peace-Athabasca Delta within it. This place gives you the feels of Canada’s Northern Boreal Plains which is surreal for a lot of people who visit this place. Located in Northern Alberta, this park is famous for its northerliness and vast territorial space and thus within it comes a large diversity of animals as well and hence this place is suitable for both the environmental conservationists and wildlife protectors. The view of the sky comes as a bonus over here due to the amazing ambiance this place has to provide. If you look far enough you might just witness the wonder of the northern lights.

6. Elk Island National Park

The Elk Island National Park is located east of Edmonton. This place was once bison-driven but now the place has been completely eradicated from the presence of bison due to the European settlers over here. Hence, the National park is making the utmost efforts to bring back the animals over here so that they can co-exist. Bison rummage through the prairie lands with deer, moose, elk, beavers, etc. the visitors are also given allowed to go kayaking on water or hike through the trails. Camping is allowed as well which means overnighters can enjoy themselves to their fullest. It is a pretty sight to watch the stars light up the galaxy as you look up in the sky.