5 Epic Cafes You Have to See in Toronto

Cafe Toronto

5 Epic Cafes You Have to See in Toronto

Cafe Toronto

Get lost in all the wonderful cafe options Toronto has to offer!

When it comes to unique cafes, Toronto doesn’t disappoint. Over the years cafes have become the heart beat of this vibrant city. They give people of all walks of life a cozy place to start the day with their favorite drink. Coffee shops are the perfect place to get some personal time before you hit the ground running. Others use cafes as a home base to channel their caffeine driven creativity into their online work. Whatever the reason, the number of coffee shops in Toronto has exploded. When touring them you can choose between classy upscale businesses to quirky underground favorites.

When searching for coffee shops in Toronto, most people will point you to downtown. This area is notorious for hosting countless coffee joints. Some of the biggest names are the Dark Horse, Crema, Sam James & Jimmy’s. These cafes have used their popularity to evolve into multiple location businesses. Unfortunatley when businesses get that big it’s easy to lose the personal touch. For this reason we have compiled a list of 5 cafes that you have to visit when traveling through Toronto. Enjoy the list & tell the businesses we sent you!

Top 5 Cafes in Toronto


Take on your friends with over 3,000 board games to choose from!

Snakes & Lattes – This vibrant café offers something truly amazing, Nutella lattes. These drinks are nothing short of a gift from God, so don’t cheat yourself & try one! On top of serving amazing drinks, they also have over 3,000 board games for you to choose from. Let the games begin at this delightful coffee shop!

Manic Coffee – If you are a gelato lover, you will fall head over heels for this coffee shop! Their divine house-made gelato has made them the talk of the town. This business is the product of Toronto’s indie café craze, so prepare yourself for a down to earth communal vibe.

Cafe 1

Unleash your inner super hero with this exciting cafe!

The Sidekick – Become the hero at this jaw dropping café! This coffee shop doubles as an undercover comic book store. They offer a wide selection of Sam James’s Cut Coffee single origin brews, graphic novels & anything related to comic books. This well curated café is the perfect place to get the inside scoop on the super hero world. Order an expresso & immerse yourself in a new adventure!

Cafe 2

Express yourself with these incredible art classes!

Paint Cabin – While many cafes pride themselves on letting patrons work on their laptops, this coffee shop encourages you to dive head first into art. They feature an impressive studio space that hosts workshops for watercolor & acrylic painting, sketching, mixed media & woodcut art. When the classes are over the studio is open to anyone who wants to create their next masterpiece. On top of serving coffee they also have a vibrant wine bar, so there’s no excuse not to unleash your inner artist!

Neo Coffee Bar – Brewing methods make all the difference, & this café is happy to show you why. They offer multiple brewing options that gives you an intriguing glimpse into unexplored tastes. Java junkies will find this coffee shop impeccably designed. They also offer a surprising selection of Japanese & French style pastries that will sweep you off your feet. Don’t leave Toronto without trying their Japanese roll cake!