40 Games Delivered at Omni Casino

40 Games Delivered at Omni Casino

Omni Casino has said that it has taken in 40 new games, these games will be offered weekly in instalments to ensure its player base are kept intrigued and enticed by the casino. Of these new games we have heard of two that have just been launched and we feel both of these are worth talking about because of the big names attributed to them.

The two new games in question as the John Wayne Slot and the Ghost Rider Slot, for those big into Hollywood you will realise these are both film related with one being recent and the other spanning the decades.

John Wayne Slot

John Wayne, known as duke to many, is the pin up boy for old school westerns and is loved worldwide. There is not a person we don’t know who hasn’t seen a John Wayne film and for this reason this new slot gained our attention.

The slot will throw you into the realms of the wild west and you will see yourself as John Wayne as you battle through the heat and the bad guys to find the jackpot and make yourself filthy rich.

Omni Casino says: “John Wayne rides into Omni Casino with great bonuses that are sure to get you back into the saddle of winnings ways.”

Ghost Rider Slot

Ghost Rider was not long released by Hollywood as a film with Nicholas Cage, but what some of you may not know is that this is an old running comic series by Marvel comics that collectors the world over enjoy.

As per previous Marvel slots, this is a force to be reckoned with and you are sure to seriously enjoy its overt tones of superhero enjoyment. Here you will see the antagonist Johnny Blaze in all his glory as you ride to success and win big.

Omni Casino talked about this slot in their latest newsletter and said: “With lots of bonus features, stunning graphics and game play, Ghost Rider is sure to be a BIG hit at Omni Casino,”