3 Reasons Why Prisoners Should Watch Porn

Prisoners across Canada are punished for the crimes that they commit by being locked in a cell & having restricted communication with their friends and family. This is understandable since prison is supposed to discourage people from committing crimes by being a harsh dose of reality. But should they be banned from watching pornography? Being trapped behind bars for years without being able to touch or feel any love from the opposite sex takes its toll on everyone. So it …


The Best Online Sites to Play Bingo

Do you know that the most popular game played by all age group is Bingo! And the online version of Bingo is favourite among women. As more of the Bingo being played through internet is becoming popular you need to know a lot about these sites before the game of play if you are in Canada.  Let us see what are the things to understand before playing online Bingo and the best Bingo sites for you to rely upon. Most …

Justin Trudeau


Justin Trudeau Confronted With 2 Controversial Topics

Freshly inaugurated Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a laundry list of promises to fulfill to keep to his supporters from regretting their decision of putting him in office. From bombing ISIS to marijuana legalization Justin has his plate full when it comes to controversial decisions. However by showing that he is willing to tackle these major issues he is quickly becoming one of the most prolific PM’s that Canada has ever had. If he holds true to his promises …



60% of First Nations Still Live Without Clean Water

From most Canadians, having constant access to potable water is seen as nothing less than a birth right for living in a first world country.



11 More Days of Canadian Campaign Madness

The 2015 Canadian election has been riddled with conflicting reports, empty promises & downright silly arguments.


Monte Carlo Casino- The Slots and Games

Do you know that Canadians love playing online slots. That makes sense, since casino slots are so exciting and easy to play. Also anybody who lives in Canada is likely to play at casinos online searching for their best games. As it is well-known, Canadians really like playing in casinos online, for the large fun and pleasure of it. In addition, actively playing at casino also have been an age-old traditions in Canada and for that reason a lot of people …



Selfies Kill More People Than Sharks In 2015

Throughout history we have found that the biggest threat to human existence is our own ego. Technology has not changed this, in fact it’s highlighting the sad reality that often times we are not able to be saved from our own stupidity. This has been showcased by the fact that so far in in 2015 more people have died in selfie related accidents than from sharks. This shocking new trend has inspired a new campaign in Russia to prevent selfie …

Sex Robots


Sex Robots Set to be Available This Year

Will the recent mass production of sex robots destabilize humanity and destroy the modern day human family? Probably not.



Relieve Your Stress in 30 Minutes at the Toronto Rage Room

One innovative Toronto based company is giving Canadians a safe and effective way to smash out their built up stress and anger.

Marijuana Legalization


Marijuana Legalization’s Powerful Effects on Politics

Will the stance on Marijuana Legalization decide who becomes the next Prime Minister of Canada? With all three leading candidates holding conflicting views on legalization, the stage is set for a showdown. This controversial topic is on the minds of young voters to senior citizens alike, and most candidates are trying to avoid it as much as possible. While Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau openly holds opposite views on legalization from Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair is trying to appeal to both …